Sadie is out recruiting volunteers

Sadie is taking the lead and out recruiting volunteers at John Moores University for Dog Mania.

Sadie in the chill out zone at Liverpool John Moores University

This year’s Dog Mania will need fifty volunteers each day on Easter Saturday and Sunday to ensure that dog fun is at its height. From greeters, to ring stewards, from dog treat sellers to dog lovers. Yes we have a role just for dog lovers, to simply praise and admire the five hundred dogs each day that will be in attendance.

We know each dog will go home with a waggy tail and each volunteer recruited with a big smile. Plenty of rosettes on offer, with them being awarded to tenth place.

Fun classes include prettiest female, best big dog, best paw shaker, softest staffie, best small dog, best rescue, best puppy, best veteran, prettiest eyes, best cross breed, most handsome male.

If that’s not enough, best young handler, the dog that looks like its owner, the dog the judge likes to take home, biggest ears, fancy dress and best pedigree.

If that not enough we need to recruit volunteers to count the waggs, we will be seeking out Liverpool’s happiest dog, so if you can count fast – this maybe a role for you.

Dog fun with a capital “F”

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