No Bark in the Park Calderstones

No Bark in the Park

The annual event that has been running at Liverpool’s Calderstones Park for the past four years and popular with dog owners will no longer go ahead,

Attendance has been growing year on year to the extent that the number of people visiting and parking is having a detrimental effect on the environment with growing concerns for safety.

Alternative venues have been investigated but again difficulties with attendance and vehicles. Any public park with such a size event would require fencing, security and road closures. This ads a level of expense that cannot be financed from a community show.

This leaves many disappointed as it had become the focal point for annual gathering of friends, groups and enthusiast of dogs.

Merseyside Dogs Home who runs the event is obviously disappointed but have located an alternative venue at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool. An inside venue that cuts out the risk of bad weather with sonic walks along the sea front.

Unfortunately, it will no longer be a community event but all profits do go to help the lost and found dogs of Merseyside.