Dogs with Jobs

Dogs with Jobs

Dogs work incredibly hard across a range of important jobs to help us humans stay safe, protected and happy. Although they may not have a salary or pension for when they retire, working dogs do have an outlet to keep healthy, active and stimulated.

With their superior sense of smell and people-pleasing disposition, many dogs have learned the skills that make them valuable members of society – from guiding the blind through crowded streets to sniffing out dangerous weapons and illegal substances for the police.

You will see some truly remarkable dogs who all have their own important responsibilities. You’ll get the chance to meet the dogs and chat to their trainers to learn more about the important work they do.

Police dogs German Shepherds have been used to help police apprehend suspects since the 1960s. They go through intense training to protect law enforcement, and help with tasks such as detecting criminal evidence and sniffing out bombs, guns and drugs.

Service dogs often Labradors and Golden Retrievers – assist people with disabilities, whether physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or mental. Discover some of the clever skills and techniques these dogs have been taught to help out their owners.

Therapy dogs  These dogs are trained to provide comfort to people in high-stress situations and are often placed in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and airports. King Charles Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers and Pug dogs are often recruited for this role.

Search & Rescue Dogs  Search and rescue dogs assist in search efforts when someone gets lost or goes missing. They can help find people lost in the woods, elderly who wander away from their home and victims of accidents such as floods and fires. Sniff out the answers to how these dogs are trained at the show.